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Google Currents : Magazine Style News Aggregator for iOS and Android

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Dec 11th 2011 - 1 Comment

Google’s long-awaited magazine styled newsreader app for android and iOS, Google Currents has been released. This is the strong competitor to apps like Flipboard and Zite. Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed offline reading. You can browse, read, and share favorite content, presented in a swipable magazine format.

Google Currents, a new application for Android devices, iPads and iPhones that lets you explore online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger.

With the Google Currents, Google is joining a crowd of companies packaging digital content in a magazine-like format for mobile devices. Google Currents is a brand new way of exploring your favorite news and RSS feed subscriptions on your Android & iOS.

Publisher editions – Publishers such as Forbes, Techcrunch, Saveur, Popular Science, Good, 500px, Fast Company and more have produced hundreds of editions including in-depth articles, videos, fine photography, slideshows, live-maps, and social streams.

Google trending editions – Google Currents uses Google search technology to hourly build a set of editions tracking the five most recent trending stories in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more. Each story is presented through a fresh edition of articles, videos, and pictures.

So Guys, with this new app you can instantly turn your Google Reader subscriptions, or any of your favorite blogs/feeds into a beautiful edition with a magazine feel.

Google Currents for iOS and Android

Microsoft launches Bing for iPad app with voice search

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Apr 8th 2011 - No Comments

After launching Bing for iPhone back in 2009, Microsoft has come up with Bing for iPad. This is the first application that Microsoft developed for the iPad. 

Bing for iPad starts with typical Bing homepage with Bing Photo of the day. Users can  browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local business listings, etc.

The search app, or a decision engine as they call it, really takes advantage of the iPad’s display that comes into play when performing media-rich searches like movies, Bing homepage images, local businesses and so forth. The full list of features and screenshots below:
 • swipe through our touch enabled movie listings, news articles, trending topics, local businesses and other rich, immersive search results
• stay current with the latest news, traffic, weather, stock quotes, movies and popular searches from the main screen
• Bing Local and Map integration to help you find the places you are looking for from directions with real-time tracking to immersive road, traffic, aerial and “bird’s eye” views
• follow the latest news and trending topics with beautifully iPad optimized results with rich images and magazine inspired layouts
• tell Bing what you are searching for with voice activated search
• wonderful touch friendly, grid view of image searches, with source site details and full page preview
• easily navigate between Bing results and websites as Bing frames the site to make it easy to return the search or to launch a new one